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Runaway Parade Games Deluxe Fire Tower Board Game- Fight fire with fire in This Fast paced, Competitive Strategy Game | Easy to Learn | 10+ | 15-30 min

Runaway Parade Games Deluxe Fire Tower Board Game- Fight fire with fire in This Fast paced, Competitive Strategy Game | Easy to Learn | 10+ | 15-30 min

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Brand: Runaway Parade Games

Color: Multicolor


  • EASY TO SET UP, EASY TO LEARN: Fire Tower takes seconds to set up and minutes to learn. The game is highly accessible because of its intuitive rules and visual instructions that show how each card works.
  • UNIQUE THEME AND GAMEPLAY: Fire Tower brings players into a unique world of competitive firefighting. Use real firefighting techniques to defend your tower from the growing flames and take control of nature to send the fire towards your opponents to claim victory. Each turn, you must spread the fire in the direction of the wind and then play one of your action cards. Extinguish the blaze with fire engines, dispatch smoke jumpers, and build firebreaks. Harness the destructive force of nature to spread the flames away from your tower and towards your opponents.
  • STRATEGIC AND FAST-PACED with HIGH REPLAYABILITY: Fire Tower takes 15-30 minutes to play. Every turn is a tense decision, as players must adjust to changing conditions in the forest and the plans of their opponents. Downtime is minimal, and players stay in the game even after their towers are destroyed, continuing to play as the vengeful Shadow of the Wood with special powers and a new path to victory. Try playing free-for-all or battle in teams of two to change up the strategy of the game.
  • VIBRANT ARTWORK AND COMPONENTS: The game features original watercolors by fine artist Kevin Ruelle. The vivid colors perfectly match the beautiful, unique components and create a highly tactile experience that fully immerses players in the theme of the game. The game’s deluxe components include 135 glimmering fire gems, a printed cloth bag, custom meeples, an engraved wind die, and more.
  • THE PERFECT GIFT: This game is a great gift for gamers, teens, adults and kids. It’s easy to introduce to new players, but has enough strategic depth to engage gamers as well, making it the perfect fit for family game night, Thanksgiving, or your next weekly get-together.
  • DELUXE EDITION: This special edition of Fire Tower features exclusive deluxe components. Harness the power of the wind with a hefty, custom metal wind die with red and orange color-mixed enamel on each face. Build your defenses with 18mm firebreak tokens (upgraded from 15mm) that now have a hand-drawn emblem screen-printed on each one. Heed the winds with a thicker 2-sided weathervane with a silver foil design.

Binding: Toy

model number: RPJFT100

Part Number: RPJFT100

Details: Fight Fire with fire in this fast-paced, competitive board game! Smoke rises on the horizon. Protect your tower from a rapidly spreading forest fire. Using action cards, dispatch smokejumpers and fire engines to combat the blaze and construct firebreaks to fortify your tower. But there is a TWIST! In Fire Tower, you also take on the role of nature. Each turn, spread the blaze with the wind and play fire cards to send the flames towards your opponents and take down their towers before they can reach yours. Fire Tower is a pattern building and hand management game that incorporates real wildfire fighting tactics and events. It takes five minutes to learn, seconds to setup, and 15-30 minutes to play. Each card has a unique pattern with its own tactical advantage, and visual instructions that ease the learning curve, making this the perfect game to introduce at your next game night, or teach to groups with varying skill levels. This special Kickstarter edition features deluxe components and all upgrades from the campaign.

EAN: 0860000409407

Package Dimensions: 9.1 x 9.0 x 3.1 inches

Languages: English

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