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Wit's End - A Mind Challenging Trivia and Brain-Teasing Game That Will Test Players' Wits & Knowledge - for Adults & Family

Wit's End - A Mind Challenging Trivia and Brain-Teasing Game That Will Test Players' Wits & Knowledge - for Adults & Family

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Author: Blanchard, Amy E.

Brand: Game Development Group

Color: Multicolored

Edition: Family Edition


  • Wit's End is a challenging trivia and brain-teasing game that will test your wits as well as your knowledge. Answer questions in four unique mind-challenging categories as you work your way to the top of the board.
  • Think laterally and wrap your mind around a TEASER, deduce the ODD-1-OUT, figure out the SEQUENCE, or try your luck in the WILD CARD category. These four unique categories engage your powers of deduction as well as your knowledge.
  • The question cards are packed with trivia, riddles and brain teasers on history, current affairs, popular culture, geography, science, arts and more. This game will engage friends and family in a wide array of subjects.
  • So think hard and have fun being at your Wit's End! Award-winning classic party and trivia game for adults and family. For 2 to 6 players or group teams. Ages 16 to Adult.
  • Click the Wit's End video to play a round of the game. Are you ready for the challenge? Give it your best! Experience the excitement in pursuit of the winning answer.
  • [A Quick Note: WIT'S END is currently offered in both the Green and Blue display boxes. It's the same great game, but colors and parts may vary. The Green or Blue display box may arrive.]

Binding: Toy

Release Date: 01-09-2021

model number: 11104

Part Number: 11104

Details: The game is called Wit's End, which is just where you might find yourself when playing this lively contest of lateral, literal, and level-lifting thinking. Players try to reach the summit of the board by answering questions in four categories such as Odd 1 Out, Teaser, Sequence, or the ever-troubling Wild Card--a nerve-jangling catchall for trivia, slang, quotations, and time-limited queries. Wit's End is tougher than most trivia-based games, and it's deceptive, too. Players needn't answer all categories to win, so how tough can it be to move up the board? Well, for every "Arrange Jaws, The Sting, and Star Wars by release date" there's a "Borneo is to 3, as Hispanola is to: 1, 2, 3, or 4?" (And it's got nothing to do with number of syllables--we peeked.) If you can name four European countries starting with S (while an opponent counts to 30), can you do as well with "millimeter is to centimeter, as chain is to: link, decimeter, furlong, or ounce"? There's also an optional "Sorry!" feature that allows you to bounce an opponent down a level for correct answers to certain questions. Smart and sophisticated, with a soupçon of luck, Wit's End is a game to challenge both great wits and those only halfway there. --Tony Mason

EAN: 0626975111048

Package Dimensions: 9.8 x 9.7 x 3.5 inches

Languages: English

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